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France Yacht Registration
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  • Valid world wide
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  • Registration valid for 10 Years
  • For EU residents

France Boat Registration

France Yacht Registration

France Yacht Registration – Register your boat in France
Let us take care of your French flag registration We charge a flat fee based on the length of your boat to handle a yacht registration in France. We will take away all the stress of filing under French flag and our experienced team will handle all.

Did you know that registering a boat in France can be inexpensive?
The cost of registering a boat in France can be very competitive with other jurisdictions, if your engines horsepower is not too high. In France you pay a flat one-time registration fee based on the size of your boat (which is a low fee) and you pay a yearly tax based on your engine horse power. This means that registering a sailboat or catamaran, is not expensive in France but a motorboat with large engines, will be expensive because of the yearly tax based on engine horsepower.

If you fill in our form with boat and owner details, we can offer you an exact breakdown of cost to register your boat in France. If you decide to register we handle all paperwork and filing for you for a flat fee depending of the size of your boat. This one-time fee is between 129,- euro for a boat under 7 meters till 859,- Euro for a boat between 20 to 24 meters. You will also need to pay the yearly government fees directly to the government.

Which boats need to pay yearly taxes in France?
If you decide to register your vessel in France you might need to pay annual taxes based on the length of the vessel and the size of the engine;

  • Boats up to 7 meters or if the engine power is less than 22 administrative horse power (about 200 HP Engine) do NOT pay any taxes
  • Boats from 7.01 meters pay taxes on the registration or if the engine power is more than 22 administrative horse power (about 200 HP Engine).

How much annual tax do I need to pay for my boat if registered in France?

Many factors are used to calculate your boat tax in France. These include; use of vessel, length of boat, engine type, fuel type etc. All these details are used to calculate the exact tax amount to be paid. The annual tax on a jet ski is more simple and explained below.

How much yearly taxes do I pay for Jet ski’s, if registered in France?

You need to pay taxes only if the engine power of a jet ski is more then 90 kilowatts.

  • € 3 per kW starting from the first kW (engines 91 kW to 159kW)
  • € 4 per kW starting from the first kW (engines 160+ kW)
For example : if the engine of your water-scooter is 185 Kw, the annual taxes are 185 x €4 = € 740

Check your taxes here: Click for real time tax calculation

To register under the French flag you must meet a number of conditions:

  • Half of the ship must be owned by nationals of the European Union or European Economic Area.
  • Its use and operation must be managed and controlled from a permanent establishment located on French territory.
  • It must have been built in the European Union or import taxes must have been paid when imported into the EU.
  • If your vessel has a crew; they must be nationals of the European Union or European Economic Area in a minimum proportion of 35% calculated on the basis of workforce sheet.

Do I need to have a survey to register my boat under French flag?

You do not need any survey done if your yacht is under 24 meters long and you are not looking for a commercial registration.

How long does it take to register my boat under French flag?
The procedure takes between 2 to 4 weeks to register.

What paperwork I needed to register my boat in France?

  • Copy of bill of sale
  • Copy of your passport or corporate registration documents (If applicable)
  • A detailed description of the vessel's radio equipment, including the manufacturer, model, and serial number
  • A certificate of compliance with safety and environmental standards
  • Proof of compliance with the French maritime communication authority regulations.