Dutch Yacht Registration
for EU citizens

€ 299

All inclusive for EU citizens
  • All registration fees
  • Includes Dutch domicile
  • Expedited 3 day service
  • DHL overnight courier
  • Registration valid for 2 years

€ 199

All Inclusive
  • For VHF, AIS, radar and EPIRB equipment
  • Includes call sign, AIS and MMSI number
  • 24 hour service
  • DHL overnight courier
Dutch Yacht Registration
for Non EU Citizens

€ 648

All inclusive for non EU citizens
  • UK LTD registration
  • All registration fees
  • Includes Dutch domicile
  • Expedited 4 day service
  • DHL overnight courier

Holland or The Netherlands is a very popular jurisdiction for private use ship registration as the rules and regulations are less strict then most other EU countries, the processing time is around 3 days and the costs are also much lower. Many Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian and even Turkish boat owners prefer to register their vessel under Dutch boat registration as they have very strict provisions under there own country boat registrations.

Main reasons to register a vessel under Dutch Boat Registration (ICP)?

  • Low set-up fee of 299 Euro FOR 2 YEARS - Registration in Holland is inexpensive! For a low fee of 299 Euro you are registered under Dutch jurisdiction for 2 years. This fee is all/inclusive > advice, registration fees and taxes, Dutch address (if needed) and overnight courier fees.
  • Legal document of ownership for all EU countries - The Dutch Boat Registration EU Registration (ICP) is recognized in any country of the EU. Having the Dutch Boat Registration means you will avoid a lot of problems when visiting or mooring in EU harbours. It is accepted by all EU authorities and is issued as a multi-lingual document.
  • Fast registration in only 3 days - We can handle your Dutch Boat Registration for you in 3 working days and send it to you by overnight courier.
  • No yacht inspection needed - With the Dutch Boat Registration there is no inspection needed of your motor or sailing yacht.
  • Minimal paperwork involved – In order to register your vessel in Holland, we only need a copy of your passport or ID Card and a proof of ownership of the boat – this can be either copy of sales agreement, insurance policy or bill of sale.
  • No need for Dutch nationality or even residence – If you do not have Dutch nationality or an address in the Netherlands, you can have yourself represented by Dutch Yacht Registration. Our fee includes a Dutch domicile address, in order to provide the authorities the (mandatory) Dutch address.
  • Inexpensive renewal every 2 years – Your EU Dutch Boat Registration certificate (ICP) will be valid for 2 years. We can renew it for you after 2 years for a fee of 149 Euro.
  • We can register multiple types of vessels – We can register Boats of any size (sailing and motor), Jet Skis, Canoes and Water Scooters.
  • No Maritime restrictions – There are NO restrictions on were or how far out of the coast you can motor or sail.
  • Minimum yacht equipment requirements – There is a bare minimum list of equipment requirements that your motor or sailing yacht has to comply with
  • Also available for non EU Citizens – The Dutch Boat Registration is also available for boat owners that are NOT EU citizens. 1. We setup an United Kingdom LTD. for you in 24 hours. This LTD is owned by you but can also have additional owners if needed. The total cost for the setup of the LTD. is 349 Euro and after that 249 Euro annually. As the LTD. is only used for owning a boat you will not need to pay any taxes or do any government filings. 2. After 24 hours, the LTD is setup and then you make a new bill of sale on the name of your UK LTD. 3. We will then register the UK LTD. as owner of the vessel and you will receive your Dutch Boat Registration 3 days later.