Bulgaria Yacht Registration
  • Provisional registration in 5-7 days
  • Access to Bulgaria waters
  • Official Flag Registration
  • Sworn translation is available
  • Survey needed as per the type of registration
  • Register as private or corporate owner
  • Recreational registration is valid for 1 year
  • Commercial registration is valid 3 years
  • No hidden fees all inclusive prices
  • Available for all nationalities

Bulgaria Boat Registration

Register your yacht under Bulgaria flag!

The Government of The Bulgaria requires all boats and jet skis to be registered. The registration process is designed to assist private boat owners in obtaining their registration in an efficient manner. This includes providing the necessary information such as the vessel's name, length, and engine information, as well as proof of ownership.

Anyone who owns a boat and complies with the conditions established by the Bulgaria registration department is eligible to register their vessel.

Boat registration helps in ensuring safety, security, and proper enforcement of marine regulations. The specific process and requirements for boat registration may vary depending on the type and size of the boat.

Bulgaria Boat Registration Advantages

  • EU Access: Registering your boat in Bulgaria provides access to European Union (EU) waters, allowing for seamless travel and exploration throughout the EU's extensive coastline.
  • Beautiful Coastline: Bulgaria offers a picturesque Black Sea coastline with sandy beaches, vibrant resorts, and opportunities for sailing, water sports, and coastal exploration.
  • Marine Facilities: The country has well-equipped marinas, repair services, and amenities to support boat owners and visitors, ensuring convenience and safety.
  • Cultural Heritage: Explore historical and cultural sites along the Black Sea coast, including ancient towns, archaeological treasures, and a rich maritime heritage.
  • Tax Benefits: Bulgaria may offer favorable tax conditions for boat owners, including reduced import duties and tax advantages, making boat ownership more cost-effective.
  • Year-Round Boating: The Mediterranean climate ensures year-round boating opportunities, with warm summers and mild winters for extended sailing seasons.
  • Efficient Registration Process: Bulgarian maritime authorities are known for providing an efficient boat registration process and support to boat owners, including foreigners.

Who can apply for the Bulgaria boat registration?

Boat registration in Bulgaria is open to various entities and individuals, including:

  • Bulgarian Citizens: Bulgarian citizens can register boats for personal or commercial use.
  • Foreign Nationals: Foreign individuals, including tourists and expatriates, can also register boats in Bulgaria.
  • Companies and Businesses: Commercial enterprises, such as charter companies, tourism businesses, and boat rental services, can register boats used for their operations.
  • Government and Official Entities: Government agencies, organizations, and institutions that own boats for official or public service purposes are eligible to apply for boat registration.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): NGOs engaged in marine research, conservation, or humanitarian work may be eligible to register boats used for their missions.
  • Yacht Clubs and Recreational Organizations: Yacht clubs and recreational boating organizations can register boats for the enjoyment of their members.

What is the procedure to register a boat in Bulgaria?

The registration process is very simple.

  • Please Make an order online
  • Pay the registration fee
  • Provide us all the necessary documents
  • We will send you the documents to be signed

How long is the Bulgaria boat registration valid for?

Boat registration in Bulgaria is typically valid for 1 year, and boat owners are required to renew their registration annually to maintain legal compliance and continue enjoying boating activities.

What documents are required to register the boat in Bulgaria?

  • Proof of Ownership: Such as a bill of sale, deed of sale, or transfer documents.
  • Valid Identification: A valid passport or government-issued identification.
  • Boat Specifications: Details about the boat's make, model, size, and other specifications.
  • Payment Receipts: Proof of payment for boat registration fees.
  • Safety Inspection Certificate (if required): Some boats may need to meet safety and maritime standards and require an inspection certificate.