Dominica Yacht Registration
  • Provisional registration in 5-7 days
  • Valid around the world
  • Official Flag Registration
  • Sworn translation is available
  • Survey needed as per the type of registration
  • Register as private or corporate owner
  • Recreational registration is valid for 1 year
  • Commercial registration is valid 1 years
  • No hidden fees all inclusive prices
  • Available for all nationalities

Dominica Boat Registration

Register your yacht under Dominica flag!

The Government of The Dominica requires all boats and jet skis to be registered. The registration process is designed to assist private boat owners in obtaining their registration in an efficient manner. This includes providing the necessary information such as the vessel's name, length, and engine information, as well as proof of ownership.

Anyone who owns a boat and complies with the conditions established by the Dominica registration department is eligible to register their vessel.

Boat registration helps in ensuring safety, security, and proper enforcement of marine regulations. The specific process and requirements for boat registration may vary depending on the type and size of the boat.

Dominica Boat Registration Advantages

Registering a boat in Dominica offers several advantages:

  • Flag of Convenience: Dominica is a popular flag of convenience registry, offering a simple and cost-effective registration process.
  • International Recognition: Dominica's ship registry is internationally recognized, facilitating navigation in international waters and foreign ports.
  • Cost-Effective: Registration fees in Dominica are often more affordable, making it a cost-effective choice for boat owners.
  • Efficient Process: The registration process in Dominica is known for its efficiency and quick turnaround times.
  • No Tax on Income and Capital Gains: Dominica is a tax-friendly environment with no income tax and no capital gains tax on boat sales.
  • Strong Privacy Protections: Dominica provides strong privacy protections for boat owners, keeping beneficial owner information confidential.
  • Easy Renewal: The renewal process for boat registration in Dominica is straightforward, allowing boat owners to maintain their registration with ease.
  • Compliance with International Standards: While offering advantages, Dominica's ship registry maintains compliance with international safety and environmental standards, ensuring the seaworthiness of registered boats.

Boat registration in Dominica offers a combination of affordability, convenience, international recognition, and favorable tax conditions, making it an appealing choice for many boat owners. However, it's essential for boat owners to stay informed about any updates or changes in registration requirements and regulations.

Who can apply for the Dominica boat registration?

Boat registration in Dominica is open to a range of entities and individuals, including:

  • Individuals: Any individual who owns a boat for personal or commercial purposes can apply for boat registration in Dominica.
  • Companies and Businesses: Commercial enterprises, such as tour operators, fishing companies, and transportation services, may register boats used for their business activities.
  • Government and Official Entities: Government agencies, organizations, and institutions that own and operate boats for official, public service, or humanitarian purposes can apply for boat registration.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): NGOs engaged in marine research, conservation, or humanitarian work may be eligible to register boats used for their activities.
  • Yacht Clubs and Recreational Organizations: Yacht clubs and recreational boating organizations that own boats for their members' use can also apply for boat registration.

The specific requirements, documentation, and fees for boat registration in Dominica may vary based on the type of vessel, its intended use, and the entity or individual applying for registration.

Procedure to register a boat in Dominica?

The registration process is very simple.

  • Please make an order online
  • Pay the registration fee
  • Provide us the required documents
  • We will send you the documents to be signed

How long is the Dominica boat registration valid for?

In Dominica, boat registration is typically valid for a period of 1 year.

What documents are required to register the boat in Dominica?

When registering a boat in Dominica, you typically need the following documents:

  • Proof of Ownership: This may include a bill of sale, deed of sale, or transfer documents, serving as evidence of your legal ownership of the boat.
  • Valid Identification: You'll need to provide a valid form of identification, such as a passport, ID card, or another government-issued ID.
  • Boat Specifications and Details: Information about the boat, including make, model, size, and intended use.
  • Deletion Certificate (if applicable): If the yacht was previously registered in another country, you may need to provide a certificate of deletion from the previous registry to prove that it is no longer registered elsewhere.
  • Proof of Insurance: Some jurisdictions may require proof of insurance coverage for the vessel.
  • Crew and Safety Certificates: Depending on the intended use and size of the yacht, you may need to provide certificates or documentation related to crew qualifications and safety equipment on board.
  • Safety Inspection Certificate (if required): Some boats may need to undergo a safety inspection to ensure they meet safety and maritime standards.