The Cook Islands Ship Registry registers Private and Commercial Yachts and is modelled on the British system, with the benefit of nominated jurisdiction for mortgage purposes etc.

Cook Islands Ship Registry is available for private and commercial yachts from 20 metres to unlimited size, the registry operates differently to others, in that a company or representative on the island is not mandatory, this function being performed by membership of a wholly owned yacht club ( Cook Islands Yacht Squadron ). Also, it is not compulsory for yachts to be in class with a classification society, providing they are well constructed and maintained.

Advantages of registering your vessel in the Cook Islands:

There are several advantages of registering a boat under the Cook Islands flag:

  1. Cook Islands private yachts are permitted to stay in EU waters for up to 18 months under the temporary importation (TI) scheme, then they must exit for at least one day, then they can return.
  2. Vessels can be registered for one, three, or five years.
  3. For pleasure yachts under 24 metres, no separate survey is required, the owner completes the safety survey and equipment list himself.
  4. Provisional registration lasts for 3 months and is very fast, usually three days. Everything is done by e-mail.
  5. No company is required in the Cook Islands, you just join the CIYS yacht club (100% owned by the registry) and that allows you to register as many boats as you own. Joining the yacht club is two ticks on the application form and the membership lasts the same time as the registration.
  6. Can be owned by an individual, several people, or a company registered anywhere.
  7. Cook Islands registered Commercial Yachts do not need to leave EU waters providing they register with a charter agent and operate within local rules.

Cost to register a yacht under 24 meters
Cost: $3,300 USD which includes Cook Islands fees. Fees include a Radio Licence, International Call Sign and MMSI number, all of which last the same time as the registration. We give free advice and support during the whole period of registration.

Cost to register a yacht over 24 meters
For yachts over 24 metres, the fee would be $4,800 USD which includes Cook Islands fees. A simple survey is required, which the owners can obtain locally, or we can quote if necessary.

Cook Islands registered Commercial Yachts do not need to leave EU waters providing they register with a charter agent and operate within local rules. Same package and advantages as Pleasure Yachts, except the yachts would need to comply with the Safety Code for the Cook Islands and be inspected by ourselves or a nominated local surveyor.

Холандия (Холандия) е една от най-избраните юрисдикции за регистрация на кораби. Има няколко важни причини да регистрирате своето платно или моторна лодка в Холандия; правилата и разпоредбите са по-малко строги в сравнение с другите страни от ЕС и разходите са много по-ниски. Повечето от нашите клиенти са испански, френски, италиански и т.н. Те имат много строги разпоредби под собствена регистрация на страната на лодки и са установили, че е много по-лесно и на по-ниска цена да се регистрирате под холандска регистрация на лодка, която има минимални изисквания, малко ограничения , без данъци и може да се направи за 3 дни.

Cook Islands Flag Registration Form


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